Review: Sia Shells and Ekelle reminds you that you are a ‘magic girl’

Sia Shells is a Toronto based singer and songwriter that rhymes about the everyday magic we find through relationships, self love, reflection and dreams. 

​Her emotive contralto vocals juxtaposed against upbeat dream pop sounds instantly transport you to another world.

​Sia has played large crowds, opened for notable artists such as Lil’ Debbie and been featured on TV shows like VICE, Truly (Hooked on The Look) for her online persona.

Magical Girl is a sub-genre of anime where young girls have these amazing powers to solve their problems and get through life, and you’ll hear adorable anime inspired loops and samples throughout the song. Magical Girls usually have a badass squad to help them through the really tough bits, like Sailor Moon and the other scouts. An ode to girl power and a testament to our friendship, Ekelle and I are definitely there for each other no matter what.  

Magic Girl” featuring Ekelle is an empowering you-got-this anthem, capturing our 2021 mood. A mantra for self-love, it’s a catchy affirmation you can dance to for the motivation to be your best self. 

We all have a little magic in all of us, we just have to manifest it and believe in ourselves.

This song BREATHES fun but also reminds you to love yourself for who you are. The vocals of the 2 are just beautiful and suits so well to the song. As we are in lockdown, and mental health is such a big thing- this reminds you to stay positive and and that you are ready to face whatever is ahead of us. This song is really catchy and i really enjoyed listening to this song! The concept and message of this song, is my type of message!

Stream here:




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