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Interview; Stacey Jackson on new Single ‘Flipside’

Interview with Stacey Jackson

Stacey Jackson is a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, TV presenter & mother of four. She became an inspiration for stay-at-home moms when she shot to fame, having launched her music career at age 40. Following the chart success of her debut single, Stacey has gone on to release four albums & over a dozen singles and recorded “Live It Up” with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. The record recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and has been rebooted & relaunched in June 2021. She has also worked with Papa Levi & prolific dance music producers & remixers such as C-Rod and Dave Audé. She’s toured the world from stadiums to floats at Pride, stepping out in her trademark high heels & hot pants. As fitness also plays a huge part in Stacey’s life, she launched her patented workout top called Staefit – created to tackle issues women may have while working out and through her online workout videos she encourages women to be the best possible versions of themselves. Her weekly music show, Stacey Jackson In The 80s, also premiered in June 2021 on Spotlight TV which airs on Sky as well as other satellite providers.

Thanks for talking to us, in 3 words describe your sound?

Energetic, positive, current.

You have a new single out called ‘Flipside’, what is the meaning behind flipside and how did you know what to call the single?

It’s about understanding that there is only one YOU and you have one life and only you can make your life positive and happy.  I’m speaking for people who juggle a family and a busy career so being able to live your own dreams even though there may be lots of obstacles in the way or you have other people in your life who need and depend on you is always a challenge.

How has your music changed since you first began in the industry?

When I was younger I was writing more rock songs but my career took off in the dance-pop world due to the various remixes on my records.  It’s been an honour to work with incredible producers and DJs from around the world who have been able to amortise my sound in soooo many ways that it’s opened up a lot of doors for me.

You say that ‘Flipside’, is the anthem of empowerment and it is so important to empower ourselves, what obstacles have you had to overcome being an ‘older’ person in the music industry?

Omgggggg soooo many! First, it’s getting the styling right! I know I can still rock a pair of hot pants! (Although you may want to speak to my kids about that!) I also had young kids and a hubby when I first came on the scene so tour scheduling was tough. But we cracked that as a family and my mom flew back and forth from Canada to add extra support and grandma cuddles.

What was the writing and recording process like, and emotionally wise, how did you feel when you had finished?

I am soooo old skool. I absolutely need to be “in the room where it happens!” So when restrictions lightened up I made a beeline to the studio to work with my amazing producer and co-writer of Flipside, Ramzi Slaiman. He’s sooo incredible and has worked with superstar talent over the years so working with him is a privilege. The minute he played the beat I had the top-line melody in my head! We were going for that 80s vibe even before I landed the 80s show! It was karma!

You are a mother of FOUR as well, how do you balance your music career, Tv presenter and your own business? 

Support support support! My husband is amazing and my kids are now older (in fact 3 of them don’t even live at home anymore!) Plus I’ve learned to compartmentalise a bit better. And lastly – always being prepared is key to doing what I do so I use any free time to write episodes of Stacey Jackson in the 80s so I’m ahead of the game.

What would you say to someone who wanted to launch their music career at a later stage in their life? 

Learn the business! And speak to people in the industry.  There is somewhat of a method to this. It’s all great if you’re creative and you can write and sing but getting out there is a whole different ball game. Plus, go with your gut. If you are more mature, you’ve lived life and you should be able to pull on some of your past experience or connections to help you move forward.

How do you stay fit and healthy when balancing so much?

I work out every single day. If I don’t,  I feel super yucky. It’s like brushing my teeth — a good habit to have!! I also like to walk places. Plus I don’t really eat crappy foods. I’ve always stayed away from fried, oily or creamy stuff and I really do like veggies and lean meats and fish. I do love food though so balance and moderation is the key.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2022? 

I just finished my book! So if all goes to plan, that will be out in 2022! The working title is “How Snoop Dogg Made Me a Better Mom”.


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